Gucci 18K Rose Gold and Silver Lariat Necklace

        The best-selling Italian brand in the world, Gucci a short name for The House of Gucci, is a fashion empire, created in the 1920’s by a Florentine designer, Guccio Gucci, who brought to the Parisian salons the audacious sophistication of the Italian style.

        Initially created as high-end, leather goods manufacturer, Gucci soon expanded its influence in almost every area of modern fashionable life, creating from glamorous clothing lines, high-priced fabulous handbags, impressive shoes, wristwatches, even mobile phones and sophisticated jewelry.

        No wonder, the brand, currently owned by a renowned French corporation, Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, is the 41st brand in the world, according to Top Global 100 Brands, made by the notorious BusinessWeek magazine.

        A giant of today Haute Couture, Gucci never hesitated to go against the day’s fashion mainstream, and preserved unaltered its individuality, creative energy and dedication to pleasing some of the most audacious contemporary men and women, in search of a genuine fashion statement.

        Recently the brand released another superb boho-chic styled accessory, dedicated to the daring modern women, who are not afraid of trying new fancy jewels, in order to make their outfits pop up – the beautiful new, Gucci 18K Rose Gold and Silver Lariat Necklace which brings a plus of unconventional elegance to any outfit.

        Exceptionally polished, the piece is formed from graduated strands of ruthenium-plated silver, which are nicely joined in a stylish necklace with an 18-karat rose gold marina link, with elegant satin-polished finish, personalized with the Gucci’s engraved trademark of quality.

        Furthermore, the superb necklace also unfurls an intelligent interplay of increasing and decreasing rose gold links, which confers the necklace a plus of refinement and sophistication, which will probably draw everyone’s attention, and beautifully complete a casual outfit.

        The impressive Gucci 18K Rose Gold and Silver Lariat Necklace measures 23½-inches and it is secured to a lady’s delicate neck with a horse-bit clasp. However, considering the piece’s rather exclusive price tag of $4,650.00 and, its quite limited versatility, one will surely think twice before acquiring this interesting Gucci creation.

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