Gucci Flora Charm Earrings

        One of the largest fashion empires in the world, The House of Gucci, commonly known simply as Gucci, started its existence in the fabulous 1920s, when a visionary Florentine designer, Guccio Gucci, launched his very first collections, rocking the Parisian Prêt-a-Porte salons, and giving life to an internationally known hallmark of luxury.

        Currently owned by Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, a renowned French corporation, Gucci never ceased to be identified with Italian daring creativity, flamboyant style and artistic freedom, carried into a true life-guiding philosophy embraced by the brand’s enthusiast customers.

        Placed among the first 50 brands of the world, by the Top Global 100 Brands, prepared by the notorious BusinessWeek magazine, Gucci is also the world’s best-selling Italian brand. A name that exerts a great influence in almost every area of modern life, Gucci annually creates sensual clothing lines, fancy sophisticated shoe collections, high-priced handbags, wristwatches and stylish accessories, highly appreciated by the classy ladies of the day.

        Recently, the brand brought to life another glamorous jewelry line, and the eye-catching new Gucci Flora Charm Earrings we are going to present to you in the following article, are one of the best piece of the line.

        Emanating distinction and elegance, the new Gucci Flora Charm Earrings will surely bring a retro plus of charm and individuality to a dressy outfit, being the perfect accessory for a sophisticated modern woman.

        Beautifully sculpted from 18-karat yellow gold, the body of the earring is formed from two, differently sized round, dangling pieces, performed in a matt finish and nicely decorated with floral motifs- a flower strain and leafs, and a flying bee along with the brand’s name, all performed in white enamel.

        Furthermore, as an individualizing detail, the two discs are united through a horsebit element, performed in satin-polished 18-karat yellow gold, meanwhile, the entire ensemble is secured to the delicate ear of a woman with a hook closure, which looks amazing on virtually everyone.

        A luxurious choice, the impressive new Gucci Flora Charm Earrings are rather inexpensive (with an approximate price tag of $1,710.00) compared with other, less versatile creations of the brand.

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