Gucci Gold and Enamel Charm Bracelet

        One of the most important houses of todayHaute Couture, the House of Gucci, or, best known just as Gucci was launched in the fashionable 1920s, by the enthusiast Florentine designer Guccio Gucci, who charmed the Parisian Prêt-a-Porte salons with sophisticated luxurious collections, created in a flamboyant Italian style.

        Although, currently parented by the Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, a notorious French corporation, Gucci remains the world’s best selling Italian label, and occupies the 41st place in the Top Global 100 Brands, made by the well-known BusinessWeek magazine.

        A name synonymous with Italian unrestrained creativity, Gucci evolved from a high-quality leather goods manufacturer, into universal trendsetter, annually manufacturing, practically everything that can be fashionably influenced, from high-end sensual clothing lines, exuberant shoes, wristwatches, mobile phones or stylish accessories.

        Through the years, the brand never hesitated to go against the high fashion mainstream, and preserved unaltered its unmistakable style, ardent creative passion, and its life-guiding philosophy, dedicated to offering brand new ways of expression to charismatic individuals in search of a genuine fashion statement.

        Recently Gucci presented another sophisticated fashionable creation, the eye-catching Gucci Gold and Enamel Charm Bracelet especially designed to complete any modern outfit, and to bring a plus of extravagance to the delicate wrist of a contemporary woman.

        Merging black enamel and yellow gold, this boho-chic accessory brings a rock’n roll, edge a particular look, and surely will impress a charismatic customer of the brand, keen on rich design and bamboo decoration, a light motif of Gucci’s latest line.

        Crafted in the shape of a bamboo strain, the black bangle is nicely trimmed with 18-karat yellow gold; it incorporates a small gold chain, which links the bangle to a round charm, decorated with bamboo pattern performed on black background.

        Furthermore, the stylish charm disk measures 1½-inch in diameter, meanwhile the bangle’s width perfectly fits a 7-inch wrist. However, the stunning new Gucci Gold and Enamel Charm Bracelet comes with a mind numbing price tag of $6,600.00, which shows that, the name Gucci written of the little charm, it is worth its weight in diamonds, since the manufacturing costs are far from being that high.

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