Sterling Silver and Bamboo Link Necklace

        A giant of the contemporary luxury goods, placed on the 41st place, in the Top Global 100 Brands, by BusinessWeek magazine, the House of Gucci, also known simply as Gucci started its existence in 1920’s, and was created by a visionary Italian designer Guccio Gucci, who rocked the Parisian Prêt-a-Porte salons, with his amazing creations.

        However, the world’s best-selling Italian brand, Gucci currently belongs to Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, a prestigious French corporation and it exerts a powerful influence, in almost every area of contemporary urban fashion, form high-end leather goods to stylish accessories.

        A name associated with bold creativity, Gucci is above all a trendsetter that, although in many occasions went against the Haute Couture mainstream preserved its individuality and never ceased to produce outstanding accessories, dedicated to some of the most audacious contemporary women, in search of a fashion statement.

        A trademark of Gucci for a long time – bamboo was incorporated into the brand’s latest jewelry lines, a bold choice, instantly embraced by the brand’s enthusiast customers. Thereby, we are going to present to you in the following article an example of the bamboo creations of the brand- the stylish Gucci Sterling Silver & Bamboo Link Necklace, a very interesting piece, which will nicely complete any stylish casual outfit.

        An eye-catching piece, the new Gucci Sterling Silver & Bamboo Link Necklace, is a nice combination of textured sterling silver links connected with charming bamboo-covered ones, which confers the necklace a rustic, comforting aspect that will beautifully complete a casual or a boho chic ensemble.

        Furthermore, the new Gucci Sterling Silver & Bamboo Link Necklace, measures 17 inches in length, and is secured to the delicate neck of a charismatic modern woman with a toggle closure.

        However, in spite of its rather simple looks and inexpensive composing materials the new Gucci Sterling Silver & Bamboo Link Necklace, was designed to be an object of luxury, and if we tend to forget this, its price tag of almost $4,000.00 will surely bring us back to reality.

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