John Hardy Naga Orange Dragon Bracelet

        A much-respected member of the elitist luxury goods industry, John Hardy is a fashion house, which started its existence two decades ago, when the young Canadian designer, John Hardy, fascinated by the fine jewelry manufacturing traditions of Bali, decided to start a small business, which produced high-end accessories that intertwine contemporary cutting-edge design concepts and the centenary Balinese jewelry-making traditions.

        The visionary designer and artist, worked, for many years with Indonesian artisans, and created sophisticated pieces, inspired by the exotic surroundings of the island Bali, which reflect a synergetic connection between the creative mind of the designer and the personal vision of the artisan.

        The name John Hardy gradually developed, into a respected trendsetter of the contemporary catwalks, extremely appreciated in the most distinguished circles of the fashion capitals of the world due to the outstanding quality of its handmade luxury products, and to the unique artistic expressivity of its audacious accessories.

        Furthermore, we are going to present to you, in the following articles, some of the glamorous accessories of the John Hardy 2010-2011 jewelry line, which demonstrate a sophisticated combination of lavish volumes and tribal inspired decorative motifs.

        Therefore, the new John Hardy Naga Orange Dragon Bracelet, is a great example of the brand’s style, which uses an ancient symbol of health and prosperity, the Naga entwined cosmic dragons, which in Asian myths, signify the joined forces of good and evil, which reign over natural forces and over individuals.

        A strong expression of style and feminine exuberance, the remarkable new John Hardy Naga Red Dragon Bracelet will surely bring to every fashionable outfit an interesting exotic edge, without drawing too much attention.

        The superb bracelet, performed in orange woven leather (but also available in other colors), measures 6.75 inches, and it is secured to the delicate wrist of a woman, with an interesting hand-made silver clasp, which represents two meticulously sculpted Naga dragons’ heads biting from a cosmic ring, moreover decorated with exquisite blackened detailing.

        The right choice if you aim for a dramatic look, or if you want to style up a Chinese collar suit, the superb John Hardy Naga Red Dragon Bracelet, surely makes a powerful fashion statement, without throwing the budget overboard, as it costs somewhere around $450.00.

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