John Hardy Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet

        One of the elites of today luxury goods industry John Hardy is a prestigious fashion house, which started its existence in 1989, and which ever since, has always been associated with top-class audacious designer accessories, inspired by the traditional creation of the Balinese artisans.

        A fascinating success story that goes back to the 1970s, when the Canadian young designer, John Hardy visited for the first time Indonesia and the island Bali, and discovered the traditional accessories created, through ancient techniques by the natives Balinese. He decided to create a luxury brand, which intertwined the designer’s vision, and contemporary design concepts, with the traditional know-how of the Indonesian artisans.

        His first lines were extremely well received among the worldwide-distinguished social gatherings, and, through the years, the brand established a well-grounded supremacy on the market of high-end custom jewelries, due to its unmistakable blend of ardent creative passion and powerful exotic influences.

        Through the years, John Hardy created countless accessories’ lines, which combine urban glamour and ancient tribal motifs, and the brand’s 2010-2011 collection, impresses, once again, through a strong individuality and thematic richness.

        The eye-catching new, John Hardy Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet, inspired by the Asian Naga mythical dragon, which stand as powerful symbol of fortune and health, and which unites in a cosmic circle the universal poles of good and evil.

        The stylish John Hardy Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet, entirely crafted by hand, by the brand’s skilled artisans, reveals the thin silhouette of the Asian-inspired dragon, wonderfully sculpted from sterling silver with eye-catching blackened detailing and yellow-gold embellishments.

        The superb John Hardy Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet, measures approximately 20 cm (or 8 inch), and it is secured to the wrist with the dragon-head clasp, which bites on a yellow gold ring, completing this a circle.

        The perfect choice for any self-assertive modern woman, who is not afraid to wear a fashion statement accessory, the eye-catching John Hardy Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet, looks amazing with a casual outfit, a white tank and blue jeans, but also with a Chinese collar suit, and many other sophisticated combinations.

        Furthermore, the stylish John Hardy Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet will make a nice addition to any fashionable wardrobe, and it comes for an approximate price of $1,300.00.

John Hardy Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet Pictures

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