Judith Jack Collar Necklace

   Serpent-like jewelry is very popular this year, not only because the Year of the Snake is celebrated in Chinese culture, but also because it is a powerful symbol in general and because it plies very well to the realm of jewelry-making. From bracelets to rings, necklaces and earrings, the snake can wrap itself cozily on human shapes; thus, serpent jewelry is like a dare, like a confidence game of showing how long you can keep that snake around your neck. Such is the Judith Jack Collar Necklace, a statement piece of jewelry not made for the faint-hearted.

As the name suggests, the Judith Jack Collar Necklace is a hard collar necklace made from yellow gold fitted with hinge closure, which allows it to be gently wrapped around the neck. What is spectacular about this necklace is that it looks exactly like a snake that is hanging stiffly down your neck, and this shining yellow gold makes it only more striking. What’s more, the snake’s head and other parts of the body are covered with dark and sparkling crystals, like a metal chainmail-like, spiraled sheathing. This also has the effect of making the snake look like it is moving, or it might move any moment.

The Judith Jack Collar Necklace is truly a dramatic and daring accessory with hand-shined gold and black obsidian eyes for the slithering creature. While it is a luxury, highly qualitative designer accessory, it is by no means as expensive as other pieces in its category. Priced at approximately $ 1,750, it is quite affordable for elegant ladies who like to jump from the crowd and try something exciting. This necklace will surely attract compliments and admiration from both men and women thanks to its death-defying symbolism.

Those who have seen what the Judith Jack Collar Necklace looks like will perhaps like to know that there are other pieces from this collection as well, so a very resembling ring can be matched to this necklace, one whose tail seems to crawl up your hand. Things seem to become very exciting when wearing jewelry from designer Judith Jack, a woman who proves her and our inner strength through her incredible creations. Don’t hesitate to purchase this necklace or something similar to it, because serpent-shaped jewelry is very popular this year and, like we’ve seen above, it can be a great accessory for confident and strong women.

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