Piaget Jackie Limelight Paris – New York Ring

     A fashionable combination among classical lines and old school beauty, sprinkled with just the right amount of chic and nowadays glam under the name of Limelight Paris-New York Ring is ready to win your heart and catch your eyes. The huge tourmaline which makes for the center piece has been faceted to perfection and is clearly born from a reinterpretation of good old American style.

     The Limelight Paris-New York Ring is part of the Limelight collection, which was launched during the 1990’s, and which was tremendously successful from its very first days. The Paris-New York pieces which populate this collection pay a well deserved homage to couture and old school American beauty altogether. The ring, necklace and other members of the line are inspired from the watch, and come as a natural sequel, to complete a delicate and extremely elegant outfit in the same style.

     Even from a first glance the more experienced eye is able to detect a certain connection with a particular style icon which seems to have never gone out of fashion and out of our hearts. The lady who inspired the entire theme of these Limelight adaptations is none other than Jackie Kennedy, a first lady whose beauty and grace can never be forgotten, and whose refined tastes have made history. Having been one ardent fan of the Piaget jewellery and watches, it is only natural that the Limelight Paris-New York Ring was created as a tribute to her.

     An astonishing piece of jewellery, the Limelight Paris-New York Ring is a happy intertwining between silent grace and fiery shimmers, resulting from the contrasting combination of gems is displays. The immense black tourmaline cut and faceted entirely by Piaget specialists spreads its velvety round body to royally adorn your finger. A diamond ribbon adorns the black pool of sensuality created by the tourmaline. The claws that hold the gem in place are creatively masked by a double bow and a loose ribbon end on the opposite side.

     A rich and intricate design holds together the unity of the stone and diamonds, set in 18 K white gold. The jewelers managed to create a lavish ring without falling into the sin of poor taste. This piece is a perfect example of never fading beauty and boldness. It is not only an object of price and status; it manages to make a clear statement and to evoke past times of glorious glitz.

     The generous amount of diamonds and the impressive dimensions of the tourmaline engaged in the design of the Limelight Paris-New York Ring are a pretty clear sign that this is not the most affordable jewelry you have ever seen. Nevertheless, owning and wearing such a regal of slick chic is definitely worth the material effort. The piece makes a perfect gift and is an almost 100% guarantee for a positive response on the part of the lucky lady who would receive it.

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