Piaget Miss Protocole Ring

        Glamorous and chic, with a totally slick design and fancy looks, the Piaget Miss Protocole ring is sure to steal the show. Created in several different interpretations, most of which are set in 18 K white gold, the Miss Protocole ring is a decided success inspired by the watch collection bearing the same name. The various interpretations of this simple and smart design speak to a self conscious and self reliant woman who loves to indulge herself in fashionable jewels.

        Characteristic for both the wristwatch and the ring’s design are the lateral lugs, set with diamonds, which bring the sophisticate air to the otherwise utterly clean and simple lines of the ring. If it were not for these diamond sprinkled delicate lugs, the ring would have looked almost like a wedding band.

        The color spot which catches the eye and adds a well deserved and most welcome vitality nudge to the composition is the deeply colored gem. Miss Protocole ring comes in several attractive clothing varieties. Each of them features a massive 18 carat gold band, diamond set lugs and a wonderfully colored stone. The rings pass the Piaget expertise tests and trials and benefit from the jewelers’ unabridged attention, being assembled and polished manually.

        One of the most lavish looking and visually attractive pieces is the yellow gold creation. The perfectly polished 18 carat yellow gold band is adorned with one princess cut rhodolite boasting a fiery raspberry red. The brilliant cut diamonds of the tiny lateral lugs enhance the glamour of the overall look.

        Amongst other variants of the Miss Protocole ring you can find combinations of 18 carat white gold and princess cut amethyst or blue topaz. A more glamorous and categorically much more expensive variety is the pink sapphire interpretation, which is totally set with diamonds. The brilliant cut diamonds and the pink sapphire create the impression of a royal piece of jewellery and the ring is really mesmerizing, though appropriate for rather fancy and glamorous events. Not an all day-every day ring.

        The good news about these rings is that they have been created in a large number of interpretations, featuring different coloured stones and amounts of diamonds, and thus enabling you to purchase one for each occasion and outfit you love. This is the case since a watch from the same line needs matching jewellery to go with its incredible looking design.

        The rich offer gives a real chance of purchasing one of these great looking Miss Protocole rings, according to each of the customers’ financial resources and tastes. No matter the model you came to love, the Miss Protocole bring is sure to bring a significant boost to the classiness of your outfit.

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