Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Embellished Feather Cuff

        A luxury goods manufacturer that goes back as far as the 1970s, Roberto Cavalli is a name associated with Italian exuberance, flamboyant style and unleashed creative passion, that, for forty years never ceased to impress the most elevated circles of the fashionable urban society all over the world.

        Currently, the name behind a true fashion empire, Roberto Cavalli has always been a trendsetter of this competitive industry, which has a powerful influence in almost every aspects of contemporary life, from fabulous clothing lines, underwear, wristwatches, leather goods, sophisticated accessories, to coffee, vodka and seductive fragrances.

        Although, over the years, the brilliant designer dedicated many hours to creating distinguished lines, which would please the day’s VIP’s and celebrities, Roberto Cavalli also strived to bring a plus of glamour to everyday women, who need an original expression of their femininity and fashionable individuality.

        Surely, an impassionate fashion-connoisseur, will know that, in this competitive industry, the trends continually change according to designer’s moods, inspiration and personal taste, and that when it comes to jewelry design, Roberto Cavalli will always be among the most influential names of this branch.

        Furthermore, if 2009 introduced the silver and albescent accessories as an incontestable must for every fashionable woman, 2010 brings back to the forefront the yellow gold-tone jewelries characterized by lavish volumes, and the superb Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Embellished Feather Cuff is maybe the best example of this year’s trends.

        Nicely sculpted brass, the model combines silver with yellow-gold tones, which beautifully accent another sophisticated representation of the feather motif, a powerful symbol of spiritual elevation and enlightenment. The feather-engraved decoration, features a glittering Swarovski-embellished articulation, measures approximately 6cm/ 2.5 inches, and demonstrates a remarkable burnished finish, which confers it a seductive artisanal appeal.

        An eye-catching model, bound to bring a plus of glamour to any outfit, from a pair of blue jeans to a sophisticated designer dress, the new Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Embellished Feather Cuff comes for an approximate price of $650.00. In addition it can be combined, as we can see below, with delightful Jimmy Choo shoes, an elegant Issa black gown, and a stylish Miu-Miu clutch.

Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Embellished Feather Cuff Pictures

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