Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Serpent Bracelet

        A powerful luxury goods manufacturer, Roberto Cavalli was launched in the 1970s, Paris, and rocked the Prêt-à-Porter salons, with an audacious approach to the traditional Haut Couture creation, inspired by the passionate Italian life-style of its visionary creator – Roberto Cavalli.

        Through the years, this prestigious trademark of quality became a genuine fashion empire, associated with over-the-top luxury, ardent creative passion, vibrant colors, unusual materials, and wild erotic energy, reflected in almost every collection signed Roberto Cavalli. A very influential name in almost every aspects of modern urban life, the designer creates countless handbags, perfumes and stylish clothing lines yearly, intended to meet the needs of a wide audience.

        However, the brand also produces exquisite wristwatches and some of the most impressive jewelry lines of the moment, and the one we are going to present to you in the following article is the Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Serpent Bracelet.

        Surely, a trendsetter in the modern fashionable circles, Roberto Cavalli experienced a privileged partnership with another prestigious luxury goods manufacturer, Swarovski known for creating some of the purest crystals in the world. In addition, as a fruit of this cooperation, the brand released many superb accessories, decorated with the eye-catching glitter of Swarovski crystals, same as the beautiful new Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Serpent Bracelet we are going to present to you in the following article.

        A remarkable piece, the impressive Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Serpent Bracelet is centered on the powerful symbol of the snake, exerting the fascination of the wild exoticism characteristic to Cavalli’s creations.

        The superb bracelet was performed in gold-tone brass, highlighted by fabulous honey and orange Swarovski embellishments, which individualize the tropical snake’s silhouette, as well as its devilish black eyes, a hint of the power and seductiveness of this reptile.

        Characterized by passionate femininity, glamour and exuberance, the amazing Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Serpent Bracelet is an extremely versatile accessory, both suited for a formal dress as well as for a more casual outfit.

        Especially created for a modern sophisticated lady, keen on urban life-style and dashing designer jewels that acquire the value of genuine fashion statements, the impressive Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Serpent Bracelet will be available for an approximate price tag of approximately $675.00.

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