Tiffany Diamond Ring

This Important Tiffany Diamond Ring is one of the reasons Tiffany is and has always been so successful. Their talent to design great looking accessories and jewelley for every pocket, putting in their work a proportional amount of expertise and unique materials makes them a great brand. I’d say that this genuinely American attitude, with practical views and un-discriminative marketing has earned Tiffany & Co. the position they hold today on the international market.

The stunning piece is made of a staggering round brilliant, weighing no less than 18.44 carats, platinum setting and round brilliant diamonds paving the split-sank laterals of the ring. The Important Tiffany Diamond Ring is, just as the name hints, a one of a kind piece. It is not only the amazing size of the diamond that renders its ‘importance’, but rather a complex set of qualities made up of clarity, color, cut and carats. The merits of this dazzling jewel are given by the rarity with which remarkable indices of these four attributes come together in a single object.

Looking at the specifications of the Important Tiffany Diamond Ring, it becomes clear that this is a one of a kind encounter, and will be pursued by one of ther world’s crème de la crème from the rich and famous, or maybe not so famous, but definitely filthy-rich, few. The simple fact that such a ring is on display with full description and specifications on the Tiffany official web site is another huge, huge plus, from my point of view. The openness and availability of this brand’s products is truly hart-warming and I can not say enough to express my admiration towards their business style.

A central round brilliant diamond weighing 18.44 carats thrones on the Important Tiffany Diamond Ring, while the sprinkling of tiny round brilliant diamonds from the platinum setting weighs a respectable 0.61 carat. The refinement and delicacy evoked by the piece are timeless. This is a mesmerizing piece of art and jewellery, at the same time.

The clarity of the central piece is graded IF, which stands for ‘internally flawless’, and is the highest degree of clarity a diamond could possess. The fact that a diamond is flawless indicates that it has absolutely no inclusions, not even when analyzed with a powerful microscope. The color of this diamond is also a reason for awe. There is a strict categorization of color among diamonds. The best ones, top diamonds of world class, can range on a scale from D to F, with the D being the absolute best. The Important Tiffany Diamond Ring has a D color grade. That makes it, on the whole, an immensely large diamond of absolute quality, a gem that has extremely scarce competitors in its class.

Since the qualities of the Important Tiffany Diamond Ring are so unique, and the likelihood of other similarly valuable pieces so tiny, its pricing is proportional to these premises. A mind blowing $6,000,000 is the amount of cash that can buy the shiny star and bring it into the lucky possession of one luxury owner.

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