Tiffany Double Border Diamond Ring

     Here is another Tiffany classic in the making, the Double border diamond ring, a bouquet of scintillating diamonds, boasting with a 6.19 carats round brilliant diamond as its central element. The looks of this lavish piece of heaven are blessed with timeless elegance. There is nothing that speaks louder or more convincingly of social status, refinement and beauty, than the Double border diamond ring made by craftsmen at Tiffany’s.

     Just as the pop culture registered Tiffany’s as being the only place on earth where nothing bad or ugly could ever happen, this glorious creation of the house’s excellent jewelers grants your needs for the aesthetic and even security. For what could spell ‘security’ better than a conspicuously pricy diamond, financial security that is, but I think that should suffice, since money can buy almost everything these days. Tiffany’s Double border diamond ring is lavishly adorned with two round concentric circles of round brilliant-cut diamonds, as its name suggests. The lateral sides of the ring itself are also paved with the same delicate sprinkle of round shaped diamonds.

     The astonishing price of this jewel ranges somewhere around $ 1,475,000, and is clearly destined to the very few rich and famous, or at least outrageously rich, for that matter. The simple mortal, like you and I could wonder why the amount of cash one has to pay for this eye-catching piece reaches such heights. Well, the answer includes some specialized talk on how to appreciate and evaluate a diamond.

     Tiffany’s most appreciable benevolence of placing the Double border diamond ring on display on their official site, together with a complete range of details and specification can not be praised enough. The information available on their page sheds light on the high end pricing. The Double border diamond ring takes pride in exquisite features: internally flawless grading, and a superb D color grade. This means that the large, mesmerizing brilliant-cut diamond has no impurities and that it is absolutely colorless. The features it possesses make it a world class diamond, making the price of the ring fall on its huge value almost entirely.

     The Tiffany diamond legacy has had some extremely remarkable and memorable members. Aside the young and glamorous diamonds which have been set in lavishly designed elegant platinum settings, Tiffany still gives its clientele the chance to take a look at what has been the Tiffany signature jewel for a long, long time now. I am talking is, of course of the yellow huge diamond, named The Fancy Yellow Tiffany Diamond. A unique 128.54 carats yellow hued pieced, which is usually offered on display at the Tiffany New York City flagship boutique.

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