Tiffany Green Tourmaline Pendant

         The Tiffany Green Tourmaline Pendant is part of the Statement Jewelery Collection, together with other exceptional pieces. Its mesmerizing tourmaline boasts a unique and deep hue, with precious tones and a magnificent cut to value them at their best. The center and most breath taking element of the jewelry is a 22.94 carats oval, green tourmaline. The pendant is displayed on a platinum chain, made of rectangular chain links, paved with round brilliant-cut diamonds.

        The Tiffany legacy was founded in 1837, and is an American Trademark jewellery business. The founders, American intrepid young men, started out small and had a crescent business success over the years. The illustrious brand which everyone knows about these days was made famous by movies such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Legally Blonde”, TV series like “Gossip Girl”, books, and songs.

        Stars with the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were huge Tiffany fans and ambassadors. The “Tiffany Blue”, a unique nuance of blue has been registered as a trademark and strikes the public as a powerful and remarkable representation of the brand.

        It was the jewelers at Tiffany’s that coined many of the official measurement units for precious metals and gemstones that the USA or the world has adopted. The sterling silver or ways of appreciating platinum, as well as the ‘carat’ as a measurement unit for gemstones, they were all results of the Tiffany fascination and interest with jewels and silverware. Therefore, the fact that we can offer such details as the number of carats, on the Tiffany Green Tourmaline Pendant is exclusively a Tiffany merit.

        The business was named after one of its founders, Charles Lewis tiffany, who together with his school friend John B. Young started a little stationary shop in 1837. The business gradually developed towards gifts, exclusive accessories and jewellery, to reach the status it has acknowledged today. The name of Tiffany has made a big impression on immensely rich and powerful American families, along the years. Amongst them: the Vanderbilts, the Astors, Huttons.

        Tiffany jewelry is world famous, and with such items like the Tiffany Green Tourmaline Pendant there is no reason why this superb legacy should not be taken forward by jewellery lovers all over the world.

        You can buy this exquisite Tiffany Green Tourmaline Pendant from the Tiffany & Co. official site, with a simple direct order, by phone, or at their stores. Tiffany is a very easy to find brand, which makes superb jewellery without making such a fuss about their great talent and long lasting tradition, very American indeed, and a big plus for them. The price for the 22.94 carats green tourmaline and the 2.26 carats of round, brilliant diamonds set in platinum is $105,000. Not your everyday spending budget, but a reasonably fair price for such great looks and elegance signed Tiffany.

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