Tiffany Kunzite and Diamond Bow Brooch

        The amazing Tiffany Kunzite and diamond Bow Brooch makes a great gift for the holidays, an anniversary, or any other day of the year that you want to celebrate, or reminisce about as being a special day of one’s life. Especially since the brooch is whimsically wrapped with a fine diamond bow, itself. And a fine gift it is! Any lady would be delighted to wear this ultimately feminine jewel as a precious accessory to her look.

        The pink little charmer will blow your mind with its delicate and all so feminine hue. The transparent gemstone steals admiration and a deep desire to own it because of the perfectly appropriate cut, which uncovers all its merits. The Tiffany Kunzite and diamond Bow Brooch is made, just as the name suggests, of a huge 109,73 carats kunzite, decorated with four diamond paved platinum straps, in the form of a rosy, deliciously beautiful gift. This pinkish gem is such eye candy!

         Discovered relatively recent, kunzite is a variety of spodumene characterized by very beautiful hues ranging from pale pink to violet. These gems have been discovered in 1902 by gemologist George Kunz, and named for the Tiffany collaborator, which the brand takes much pride in. A special quality of this gem is pleochroism, which means that depending on how the cutting is performed, the stone will display different or even no color. While most kunzites display a violet undertone, the Tiffany Kunzite and diamond Bow Brooch boasts a clean soft pink color. With 6.5-7 hardness on the Mohs scale, this gem is perfect for jewellery. Notice should be taken though that this type of spodumene’s colors will fade if exposed to direct and strong light. It is recommended that kunzite jewels should not be worn while taking sunbaths or at the beach.

        The Tiffany Kunzite and diamond Bow Brooch benefits from a most astonishing cut, in an emerald shape which facilitates an excellent light reflection and gives the brooch an unusual silvery scintillation. The numerous brilliant-cut diamonds enhancing the platinum ‘ribbon’ weigh a total of 0.80 carat and bring their own contribution to the final refinement and style statement the piece makes. A chic, clean and totally slick design which can not remain unnoticed.

        The Tiffany Kunzite and diamond Bow Brooch can be worn on virtually any occasion and at any time of the day. I love it so much that I would even try to bring some versatility to it and transform it in a oversized pendant. Its diamonds paved ribbon wrapping goes hand in glove with a diamond paved necklace.

        The pink wonder offered by Tiffany’s in diamonds and platinum wrapping does not come cheap. The price of this superb article is as high as 74,500 USD, and it can be purchased directly from the official Tiffany & Co site, thing which I totally appreciate, for the time and complications it saves. Transparency seems to be the trend that wins us over in the cases of both jewelry and brand policy. Enjoy!

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