Tiffany Pink Spinel Ring

        In a virtual “Pink Jewellery Collection” catalogue, the Tiffany Pink Spinel Ring would be a most dignified and appropriate shiny member. This gorgeous rosy piece is garnished with glittering baguette and oval diamonds, which embrace its 9,94 carats cushion-cut pink spinel.

        Spinels are maybe the history’s most illustrious ‘fakers’. They have a long tradition of being mistaken for and substituted to rubies. Their most frequent and famous color is red. Although a more pinkish hue, than that one of the ruby’s, the spinel has long been used instead of its more expensive and precious cousin, many times on purpose. How come? Well, it is well known that although spinels are precious themselves, they do not compare to the value of rubies, therefore, many owners feel that they are safer and their jewellery is safer if they replace the rubies with look-alike spinels, especially when these jewels are exposed or publicly displayed somewhere. The best known example is that of the Black Prince’s Ruby set of the British Imperial State crown.

        If the Tiffany Pink Spinel Ring were fitted with an equivalent ruby (9.94 carats), this jewellery would have been practically impossible to buy, or too expensive, for that matter, for more than 99% of the planet’s population. Since Tiffany aims at offering superb jewellery to as many as possible, thriving on the idea that each and every one of us deserves to enjoy a fine adornment, the ring was fitted with an equally beautiful, but more accessible gem.

        In spite of having had the misfortune to be related to a more sought after cousin, the spinel is much appreciated and treasured for its own qualities. The matter of the fact is that spinels and rubies are not that different altogether. The chemical constituents of the gems are much alike, spinels having additional magnesium compounds in its compounds. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is of 7.5 to 8, while rubies are a bit harder, 9 on th eMohs scale.

        Owning a Tiffany Pink Spinel Ring is, nevertheless, no easy task or bargain. This magnificent piece of jewelry is priced at $67,500. What increases the value is the beauty and hue of the spinel, its perfect cut, its vivid tones and the fact that it is flanked by a total weight of 3,1 carats of oval and baguette diamonds, that boast a G color grade and VS clarity. The G color grade and VS clarity grade are indices for two of the most relevant criteria in evaluating a diamond. Clarity, cut, color and carat are the four ‘C’s that should be kept in mind when appreciating a diamond. With characteristics almost ranging in the top quality zone, the diamonds paving the Tiffany Pink Spinel Ring are reliable companions for a lavish ride. The gems are set in Tiffany platinum, another factor contributing to the considerable value of the whole article. Tiffany platinum is one of the purest platinum alloys, with 95% pure platinum and only 5% ruthenium.

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