Feather Earrings

The subject of jewelry is never a bore for women, it never has been and it never will be; this should be no surprise, especially when one becomes aware or how numerous they are and what variety of models, colors, and materials they come in. Today’s focus is going to be on feather earrings, a trend that is coming back in full force; this is why we thought it necessary to write an article about how to wear them and find them a place in our wardrobes. First of all, feather earrings are basically casual accessories, so the instances when you can wear them with an elegant outfit are quite rare.

The next important guideline for wearing feather earrings is to keep it simple with your outfit; a summer dress, a blouse, tank top, or sleeveless shirts with a pair of jeans, a comfy skirt and other clothing elements in that idea work very well with these types of earrings. Another interesting trick is to make your clothing match the colors of your feather earrings. If the earrings are green and yellow, wear two overlaying tank tops in these colors, or something similar. Furthermore, any kind of dress will look much better when paired with feather earrings in complimenting colors. These earing are the perfect idea for those who are looking for unique fashion Mother’s Day gifts because they can be worn in various occasions and will definitely delight your mother. If you have a brown cotton dress for example, match it with a pair of green or red feather earrings and a jacket and you’ve already started a new look. If you already own accessories like these, you know they come in a large variety of colors and shapes, from greens to blues, orange and violet, pink, red, striped, dotted, longer, shorter, thinner, and so on. Choose the colors that you like and that you think represent you and your wardrobe. However, a pair or black or white feather earrings will always have a match and will highlight every outfit, so you can think about having some pairs like that too. Earlier we mentioned that feather earrings are basically casual, but there is one instance when they immediately become elegant through their majestic and royal look: the peacock feather earrings. They can easily be matched with elegant outfits and dresses, but with more capricious materials as well such as silk, chiffon, or even lace. Colors matching those of the peacock feathers are a good choice as well. Lastly, make sure your hair is styled in a way that it doesn’t get tangled in the earrings, like a ponytail or an up-do.Considering how many accessorizing possibilities that feather earrings provide, they will be perfect as unique fashion Mother’s Day gifts.

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