How to Wear Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are very popular accessories nowadays, but one also needs to know how to wear them and how to match them to various outfits. A statement earring is usually a long and large earring with complex design, bulky features or highly decorated. Accessories like this can be found in any thrift store, jewelry shop and in designer’s collections too, and you can even make some yourself at home if you’re skilled and handy.

The great thing about statement jewelry is that it doesn’t need to be expensive. Since few people can afford statement jewelry made of precious metals, it is perfectly acceptable to wear cheap women’s jewelry as long as it is opulent. Fringe earrings are very nice, especially when they’re made from chains or chainmail; if you have statement earrings like these, know that they usually look a bit elegant, so you can’t wear them with any outfit. Either opt to wear them at an elegant party, with a sleeveless gown and your hair pinned up, or wear them by day with a casual outfit made from skinny jeans, high heels, a delicate blouse and slightly curled hair. However, you need to know that generally, statement earrings should be worn with up-dos, or at least with braids, like a single fishtail braid.

This is because, like we mentioned, statement earrings are usually long and bulky, and you don’t want them to be covered by your hair, or worse, get tangled in your locks. Furthermore, when wearing earrings like these it is best to downplay other accessories, so you might want to give up on wearing a necklace, or opt for a more discreet one. You can, however, wear a bulkier ring, something that resembles your earrings, or even comes from the same collection. Women with short pixie cuts, bobs and other shoulder-length hairstyles can wear statement earrings with confidence, because these two aspects combine very well.

Nevertheless, when you go shopping for earrings like these, try them on in the store and make sure you’re comfortable with them. If they are poorly manufactured, they can be too heavy and hurt your earlobes, or even chafe your shoulders for that matter. Getting caught in the fabric of your clothes may be another inconvenient, so by no means wear scarves or other neckerchiefs. Again, make sure you try the statement earrings on before purchasing them and wear them for a couple of minutes until you make up your mind. Nevertheless, most women look good with them. So, whether you prefer expensive or cheap women’s jewelry, give the statement trend a chance. The last rule of wearing and choosing statement earrings is to opt for something that represents you; these accessories are all about attitude, so don’t be coy, but don’t be overly dramatic either.

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