Jewelry for Women who Like Golf

Golf is known to be an elegant and sophisticated sport, practiced by businessmen or aristocrats. Many wives of politicians, athletes, businessmen or even royalties have always loved to meet at a golf club and relax while playing a golf game. Given that these women want to look good and always like to be accessorized with beautiful and matching items, no wonder they also pay attention to the accessories they wear during golf matches.

Adequate jewelry during golf matches

The appropriate jewelry for women who like to play golf are those of good taste, elegant and discreet. Although there are no restrictions on the jewelry worn by players, feminine golf players prefer those that won’t interfere with their playing skills, such as small earrings and thin bracelets Given that golf requires a lot of swinging and bending, it is recommended to avoid large necklaces, rings or earrings that can cause injuries or bad shots.

Golf themed jewelry

Feminine golf players also love to wear golf themed jewelry outside the golf course, therefore, they can choose from many accessories such as earrings, bracelets or rings in shapes of clubs, trophies, golf shoes or golf balls. Here are some of the funniest and the cutest golf themed jewelry women who like golf can wear.

  • Golf earrings

    For women who like to play golf, there are a lot of golf themed earrings in the shape of a golf player, elegant pearl clips with club bags painted on them, crystal encrusted golf balls or funny earrings resembling golf clubs, golf tee posts and golf visors.

  • Golf bracelets

    As for bracelets, golf players can opt for bracelets that look like golf balls or golf tee posts stuck to each other. A golf scene bracelet consisting in various golf themed tiny charms such as golf shoes or trophies is the perfect golf jewel.

  • Golf pendants

    Women who like golf can choose from many charms in the shapes of golf visors, golf tees, golf clubs or golf balls. Those who prefer cute accessories can choose a golf shoe, a golf flag or a golf cart charm. Charms can be used not only on necklaces and bracelets but they can also be attached to a golf gadget such as a rangefinder. If you compare golf rangefinder models, you will see that there are some models particularly designed for women such as the pink Bushnell V2 Tour rangefinder. That pink gadget would work great with a sparkly golf pendant.

  • Hole-in-one jewelry

    A very popular type of golf jewel is called “hole in one” and resembles the number 1 with a golf club on it, which means a lucky shot that will directly put the ball in the hole.

  • Golf necklaces

    Golf themed necklaces are thin and discreet chains formed by tiny tee posts or golf clubs sticked together.

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