Simple yet amazing bridal accessories

For each bride, finding the perfect dress is a real struggle. Some women have no idea how their dress have to look like, which is why they have to try on as many as possible in order to decide, while others have dreamed of it since they were little girls. However, even if you belong to the second category, you will be surprised to see how your options change as soon as you enter a wedding dresses boutique. Although some may say that the dresses seem to be all the same (especially because they are all white), there are so many models, textures and details which actually make a difference and it will not be easy for you to choose. In addition to the wide variety of dresses, you have to take into consideration that your final option has to match the theme of the celebration, in case you have established one, and also to highlight your silhouette. Once you decide what you will wear, you will also have to pick the most suitable accessories: the veil, the jewellery, the shoes, the bag and all the rest. Even if it is your moment and you can wear almost anything, keep in mind that less is more and make sure you do not exaggerate with accessorizing.

There are some items which cannot fail in case you choose them. Try delicate pearls, buy ribbons online, and choose a veil that matches the colour and texture of the dress. In case your wedding gown has a lacy texture, make sure the veil is simple, unless you want the result to be too cluttered. As far as jewellery are concerned, pearls are a good option, because they are extremely elegant and refined, even if they are an item rather controversy when it comes to weddings. In some cultures, they are considered to take away the bride’s tears and bring her luck in her future life, so it is up to you if you decide to wear them or not. However, in case you are not superstitious, keep in mind that they represent the most subtle and appropriate jewellery that you could ever choose.

You may wonder how ribbon can be a wedding accessory, but the answer is simple: however you want. This simple, affordable yet extremely elegant material can be used in so many ways that you will need almost no other adornment. To begin with, it can make an amazing belt, which will delicately highlight your waist, regardless the model of your dress: whether you choose a princess style or a mermaid dress, a ribbon belt will define the parts of your gown and will clearly define your waist and silhouette. You can go for a ribbon similar to your dress and veil, or if you want to create a contrastive combination, choose a colourful or embroidered material. Another innovative manner in which you can use this fabric is as a hair accessory: a satin head band, a simple bow placed around the up do or a narrow piece of material braided with your hair will look incredibly chic

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