Smart ways to match your jewellery to your outfit


Matching jewellery with your outfit is not always something easily manageable. In fact, many women fail with success when it comes to matching these pieces. But with a little guidance, we can all achieve the perfect look with little to no efforts. If you are wondering how you could match your pair of Dr Martens shoes on that are currently for sale with an amazing piece, keep reading below and you will certainly find out.

1. Keep in mind your outfit’s colour

If you go for a black pair of Dr Martens and an overall black outfit, you can get out of your comfort zone when it comes to your jewellery. Play with it and you will certainly achieve a stunning look. On the other hand, if you have a busy design either on your Dr Martens boots (because we all love the colourful pieces they have) either on your clothing, go for simple jewellery. Silver cuff bracelets, simple short necklaces seem to all work wonders when it comes to creating a cohesive and articulated look. It is always better to opt for simple, silver pieces when unsure of your options.

2. Scale matters

Also, the scale is important when it comes to picking your jewellery. If you have a plain, simple outfit, you could go for large pieces, statement jewellery. Otherwise, if your outfit is already intricate and complex, go for the already mentioned simple elements. They can be easily integrated in all outfits, regardless of their complexity. However, they won’t send the same message. While statement pieces will shout “Look at me, I’m unique” the simpler elements will send the message that you are a classy lady, mindful of her own picks. The great thing about simple jewellery is that you can integrate it in all style, from grunge (yes, works wonderfully with a pair of Dr Martens, if you wonder) to a cocktail outfit, without any issues. It’s better to invest in versatile pieces, in general, especially if your budget doesn’t allow you to invest plenty in your jewellery.

3. Be mindful of your outfit’s style

In the past few years, it has become acceptable to bring bold pieces in otherwise classy outfits, and the other way around as well. Keep in mind that style is just a matter of taste, but don’t exaggerate. You can always find a great piece that others might think that it’s inadequate for a certain outfit, and make it work wonders. However, make sure not to bring elements of a bad taste in your outfits. Kitsch shouldn’t have a place in your wardrobe and style, so be mindful when picking your elements. Simple, basic elements always look better than tasteless ones.

These are three smart tips you could use when picking the jewellery depending on your outfit. Keep in mind that regardless of your style, there will always be some jewellery you could match with it. Only remember to remain a bit selective!

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