The mythical beauty of amber rings

Gemstones have been used since days of yore, their ever-lasting charm resisting the test of time like no other trend or fashion tendency. If a clothing style can come and go, gemstone jewellery will always have a special place in a woman’s heart. Complementing almost any outfit, from a casual picnic dress to a glamorous evening gown, rings are an essential addition to any girl’s jewellery collection. Amber rings, in particular, have a charm that has fascinated people for centuries. If now they are worn to embellish our hands, a long time ago amber rings were believed to have many beneficial properties, on the body and spirit alike.

Given that in the old days people constantly had to face phenomena that they could not understand, it seems natural that they begun to seek help and remedies in nature, and gemstones. They were used during healing rituals, placed on the chest of the ill man, and even in invocation and sacrifice rituals. The Middle Ages were a blooming period for gemstones superstitions and it is then that amber rings started being associated with various miracles.

Amber, which is in fact fossilized resin, occupies a special place in folk medicine, people believing that by wearing amber rings your body could be helped with many problems, such as fever, caught, digestive and respiratory illnesses. Additionally, it was a widespread conception that this stone was very beneficial when it came to relieving pain and soothing the body during convalescence. As a good luck charm, Amber became an increasingly popular name for girls.

Amber rings were used also to help the mind, increasing peace and relaxation. Many times, they were worn by people who suffered from insomnia or had a very frail health. What is more, women were very big fans of this wonderful piece of jewellery, since they thought it made them allure the opposite sex and create an aura of mystery and charm. In fact, in Latvia, amber rings were used as wedding bands, because they brought a long, harmonious relationship. Amber ring for wholesale jewelry supplies from all brands in the world. Where womens fashion jewelry is concerned, amber rings can become a lifelong accessory, suitable for both elegant outfits and streetwear. Their charming and endearing color, the way they capture’s the sun’s light and reflect it in a thousands orange streaks or light and their symbolism makes them great additions to any woman’s wardrobe. Womens fashion jewelry will always feature amber jewelry as well, because even if it isn’t as precious as diamonds, it has lovely colors and inspires for unique and mysterious designs.

Today, alternative medicine is an uncertain field and we cannot know if amber rings do have these properties. But the one thing that can be stated for sure is that much of the fascination they exerted throughout centuries is due to their unique esthetical aspect. The honey-coloured tones are a pleasure for the eyes, and their warmth makes them incredibly tempting to wear.  Their elegant, classical design emphasized the beauty of your hands, making the fingers look slender and marvellously graceful. You can achieve various effects, depending on the size of the stone. For example, a smaller stone is perfect subtle addition to day outfits, while a larger one goes very well with an evening dress or an office suit. Also, amber is one of the most affordable stones and you can find splendid rings at very low prices.

Whether you decide to buy these rings for their possible healing properties or just for their unique beauty, your collection will certainly become more beautiful after such a marvellous addition.

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