The Spencer Tiara

The Spencer Tiara was the first thing people noticed when Lady Diana Spencer arrived at the St. Paul’s Cathedral to marry the Prince of Wales. The diadem’s glitter really enhanced the bride’s appearance and everyone could admire the way she looked.

What most of the people don’t know is that the Spencer Tiara was not a present from the royal family. It belonged to Lady Diana’s family for almost a century. Although a royal tiara was given to the Princess of Wales after she married Prince Charles, she continued to wear the Spencer one on special and formal events. Sources say she chose it because it was much lighter than the gift she received from the Queen, the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara.

Sadly, Princess Diana had to return the exquisite headdress to the Queen after her divorce, meanwhile the tiara her family loaned her was given to her brother. So, she never got to enjoy the privilege of wearing such a jewelry again.

The Spencer Tiara is a combination of pieces which belonged to different personalities during time, and it includes rare diamonds mounted in gold. It incorporates various floral shapes and curling foliage. Glamorous tulips and stars shaped flowers are the elements that makes this crown so easy to love. The special design could make anyone feel like royalty while the sparkling edges give the impression it has been pulled out from a fairy tale.

This feminine accessory has been also worn by Lady Diana’s elder sisters at their weddings. However, it became really famous when the Princess wore it at the most important event of her life: her wedding.
The veil she wore matched perfectly the amazing diadem, while the wedding dress flattered Lady’s Diana silhouette in a great way.

Women all over the world were inspired by the royal image they saw, so new trends started to appear. Every girl’s dream was to look like a princess on her special day, and that is how wearing diadems as part of the wedding outfits became more popular than ever.

For a long period of time this special accessory was on display as a part of the Lady Diana’s exhibit. However, since the exhibit has closed, we expect to see it worn again with the first special occasion. We can only hope it will match who ever is going to wear it the same way it matched its previous owners.

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