Valentino Crystal-Decorated Coral Earrings

        One of the most prestigious members of today’s Haute Couture, Valentino SpA is a luxury goods manufacture created in 1959 by a visionary Italian designer, Valentino Garavani, who started his sumptuous fashion house in Rome, on Via Condotti.

        Through the years, the name Valentino started to be associated with the unmistakable Italian style, ardent creative passion, femininity and exuberance, and the brand grew into an international corporation, which includes eight subsidiary branches, the Valentino Fashion Group.

        Although, the designer is internationally famous being a trendsetter in the most fashionable circles, and for creating exceptional clothing lines, fabulous shoes and handbags, highly appreciated by the day’s VIP’s and celebrities, it also signs luxurious jewelry lines, which reunite a playful originality, refinement and femininity.

        A brand that never failed a fashionable individual, in its quest for a fashion statement, Valentino created another superb line comprising stylish new models, which use coral as a central theme, an interesting shape, which surely makes one think of a romantic cruise or a beach getaway.

        Thereby, we are going to present to you a beautiful new model signed Valentino, and inspired by the delicate branches of a coral, -the Valentino Crystal-Embellished Coral Earrings, which feature gold-tone anti-allergic brass modeled in the form of the coral, and beautifully accented with a white crystal, which brings a plus of glamour to the earring.

        Furthermore, the construction is fastened with a silver-toned brass clip, and measures about 3 inches, a dimension that gives it a powerful, eye-catching appeal, and a fresh modern individuality, which will surely be appreciated by the brand’s enthusiast customers.

        However, the new Valentino Crystal-Embellished Coral Earrings, are rather suitable for a stylish casual outfit, they would beautifully complete a wooly summer dress, a dashing bathing suit, or a boho chic ensemble, nonetheless they are not quite the best choice for an evening gown.

        A designer product, the beautiful Valentino Crystal-Embellished Coral Earrings will be available for an approximate price tag of $300.00, which makes them, not only a wardrobe-friendly choice, but also an inexpensive piece of fashionable glam.

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