Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too Silver-Plated Ring

Founded in the 1960s by the visionary designer named Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge, the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house is famous all over the world for its luxurious creations.

From amazing clothing lines, shoes and handbags, to extraordinary accessories or even cigarettes, the renown manufacture sets new trends in fashion and is an expression of ultimate luxury.

Yves Saint Laurent was the one who created the beatnik look by bringing to the streets trends like the safari jackets or tight pants. This trend stands for an entire cultural movement known as the Beat Generation. Moreover, the designer`s aim was to bring fashion to everyday individual and he was the first one to use black models in his presentations.

Even if Yves Saint Laurent is no longer an independent fashion house since 2002 and his creator died in 2008, the brand is now a subsidiary of the Gucci Group and continues to create classy, refined and elegant fashion items.

The Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too silver-plated ring is a great example of YSL`s creativity and originality that makes a true fashion statement. This silver-plated tin nugget ring is adorned with a superb Swarovski crystal, while the brand`s name is stamped at back.

A veritable eye-catcher, the new Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too silver-plated ring has a melted mottled finish and will surely leave a great impression with its striking metallic look.

Yves Sail Lauren is a name which is always associated with high fashion couture. This gorgeous ring is just another example of excellent craftsmanship and innovative design. However, most women can’t afford such luxurious jewelry pieces. Still, we can use high fashion couture as a source of inspiration. If you research online jewelry shops, you will definitely find a more affordable ring which resembles this one. Furthermore, in order to rock such special jewelry pieces, you should also consider some websites which offer detailed nail design tutorials. We particularly liked the nail designs from  www.checkmynails.com. Armed with a gorgeous ring and a sophisticated nail design, any woman will feel like a diva.

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