Yves Saint Laurent Entrelacs Gold-Plated Cuff

        A prestigious name of today’s luxury goods industry, which traces its roots back to the 1960s, when two enthusiast friends, Yves Saint Laurent, a young visionary designer and his partner Pierre Bergé, founded their own fashion house, that stood for nearly half a century, as a symbol of class, luxury and timeless elegance.

        Surely an impassionate fan of the brand, would like to know that the Yves Saint Laurent militated for democratizing prêt-a-porte collections, he was the first designer who used black models in his catwalk presentations, he created the beatnik trend –a manifestation of the Beat Generation extremely popular during the 1960s and 1970s.

        However, in 2002, Yves Saint Laurent ceased to exist as an independent luxury fashion-house, but the brand continues to exist as a member of the prestigious Gucci Group, and up to this day, it exerts a strong influence in almost every aspect of today urban fashion life, selling from cigarettes, perfumers, shoe and handbags to glamorous clothing lines and accessories.

        Surely every, fashion enthusiast connoisseur, will know that the trends rapidly change, according to the moods and inspiration of today trendsetters and those of their followers, and that for the jewelry design branch, 2010 meant, above all, the comeback of the yellow gold and oversized accessories.

        The prefect expression of this glamorous trend, Yves Saint Laurent Entrelacs Gold Plated Cuff, will surely become a must for any fashionable wardrobe, bound to make any outfit the center of attention.

        Inspired by the design of the ancient cuffs of the Greek soldiers, the new Yves Saint Laurent Entrelacs Gold Plated Cuff has a thin asymmetric silhouette, nicely sculpted from yellow gold-plated brass, which demonstrates an interesting hammered finish. The model features a 2 cm opening, which allows you to slip it easily onto the wrist, and the cuff’s interior demonstrates a smooth satin-polished finish, and an individualizing designer’s stamp.

        Especially designed to personify the fashionable myth of the urban warrior woman, the impressive Yves Saint Laurent Entrelacs Gold Plated Cuff will surely bring a dramatic accent to any occasion, all for a price of approximately $950.00. In addition, we can see it, below, combined with a glamorous YSL purple dress, Donna Karan shoes, and a superb Lanvin bag.

Yves Saint Laurent Entrelacs Gold-Plated Cuff Pictures

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