Yves Saint Laurent Fringes Gold-Plated Necklace

        One of the most famous names in the history of today Haute Couture, created during the 1960s, by a visionary designer named Yves Saint Laurent and his ambitious partner Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent, known a prestigious luxury goods manufacture, which sells annually countless luxurious lines, from outstanding clothing lines, shoes and handbags, to outstanding accessories, and even cigarettes.

        The fashion house started its existence as a bold trendsetter of this competitive industry, and it is noteworthy to mention that Yves Saint Laurent created the widely appreciated beatnik look, an expression of the cultural movement, known as the Beat Generation, or the very first designer who used black models in his presentations.

        Even though Yves Saint Laurent ceased to exist as an independent fashion house, and its creator died in 2008, the brand survived as a subsidiary of the powerful Gucci Group and up to this day stands as a symbol of class, elegance and refinement, extremely appreciated by the fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

        Probably an impassionate fashion connoisseur will know that, if the 2009 jewelry trends proposed the use of silver and albescent stones and materials, 2010 was a great comeback for the yellow gold, and for the large accessories, a tendency perfectly exemplified by the superb new Yves Saint Laurent Fringes Gold Plated Necklace.

        A sophisticated accessory, bound to bring a plus of individuality to any fashionable outfit, the new Yves Saint Laurent Fringes Gold Plated Necklace, features a bold chain, which sustains the tin torque-style necklace with long suspended panels, which demonstrates an interesting hammered finish.

        The necklace is secured to a woman’s delicate neck with a hook-fastening clasp, which incorporates an individualizing designer stamped tag; as far as the price tag goes, it will probably be around $950.00.

        Bond to bring a dramatic appeal to any fashionable outfit, the new Yves Saint Laurent Fringes Gold Plated Necklace, can be combined, as we can see below, with a black dress signed Victoria Beckham, a Maison Martin Margiela ring, Lanvin clutch, and Bottega Veneta boots.

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