Yves Saint Laurent Gold-Plated Charm Bracelet

        Launched during the 1960s, by a visionary designer, Yves Saint Laurent, and his ambitious young partner named Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent, is one of the most famous legends of today luxury goods industry, a name, which annually sells thousands of products, from cigarettes to haute couture clothing lines.

        The designer, extremely popular during the 1960’s and 1970s, brought to the streets impressive trends such as the safari jackets, tight pants, and what was to be called the beatnik look, synonymous with the Beat Generation, an entire cultural movement. Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention that the designer militated for bringing fashion to the everyday individual and was the very first one to use black models in his catwalk presentations.

        Although since 2002, Yves Saint Laurent no longer exists as an independent fashion house the brand survived as a subsidiary of the Gucci Group, and continues to stand as a true symbol of style and distinction, and timeless elegance.

        Still, one of the trendsetters of this competitive industry, Yves Saint Laurent recently introduced a new glamorous line, which demonstrates the two main directions of 2010 jewelry trends – the reintroduction of the yellow gold, and the use of oversized accessories.

        Therefore the sophisticated Yves Saint Laurent Gold-Plated Charm Bracelet, we are going to present to you in the following article, is a great expression of the brand’s creativity and it will surely bring a plus of style and individuality to any fashionable outfit.

        The model features a robust yellow gold-plated chain-link, secured to the delicate wrist of a woman, with a hook and hoop-fastening clasp. Moreover, different lucky-charms, performed in silver-tone brass and yellow gold plated metal (keys, letters, hearts, disks, and YSL tags) lavishly embellish the oversized chain.

        Especially designed to bring an edge to a casual outfit, the remarkable Yves Saint Laurent Gold-Plated Charm Bracelet will be available for an approximate price tag of $650.00.

Moreover, as we can see below, it looks absolutely charming combined with stylish black jacket and black bag, signed Chloé, sand leather pumps, signed Camilla Skovgaard white top, an animal printed grey stole, and grey skinny jeans, signed Elliott.

Yves Saint Laurent Gold-Plated Charm Bracelet Pictures

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